Saturday, October 16, 2021

My 48 Day cycle post Contraceptive Pill & other ramblings

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I had a tough week, spent most of it in bed with #Endometriosis pains and a period that has been coming every 48 days (now) since I was forced to stop taking the pill. My period was achy legs and thighs, migraines and no sleep. And of course heavy bleed with black clots.

I'm pretty sure (despite my GP's thoughts) I have started #perimenopause . The symptoms of which overlap with #Fibromyalgia a lot!
I was ever-so grateful that hubby stepped up and took over a lot of what I do around the house. It was unbelievably nice to have dinner made for me (and the family) every night. To know that I was not alone in looking after the household - including feeding the 2 dogs and the cat.
I spent Thursday mostly in bed still but got up in the arvo and then today I chose to support hubby on a scrap metal run. Granted I did not physically do much, I couldn't my hip bursitis was giving me no end of grief. Hauling poles onto the trailer in the gusty chill wind that came in over the southerly part of the sea at Goolwa Beach; Brrrr! that was the pick-up that made my body ache all over. And that all to knowing burn feeling in the legs like you've run a marathon. Ouchies as I carefully pulled my own legs up into the car afterwards, to head off to the next pick-up.
I'm most definitely not as strong as I used to be, and I really do still overestimate my strength. I think that would have to be one of the hardest things dealing with Fibro for me - is not being able to move a pot plant when I want to, and having to wait instead for hubby (occasionally my youngest son). I love being in the garden amongst my plants, but bending over once... is pushing it, bending over more than that and I'm going to be in agony shortly after.
I hate having to consider keeping a little in my battery tank (so to speak) so I can get back inside and wash my hands without being in too much pain.
In the car today, somewhere between Victor Harbour and Goolwa South I tried to brush some dog hair off of my pants, OMG did that hurt! My touch was light, non-existent, but it hurt. I remember explaining this to hubby. Sometimes I wonder if even he thinks it's insane, that I'm making it up. The stupid #fibrobody
Suffice to say I will more than likely be in a flare tomorrow - and tomorrow is wash day. I'm planning on thinking #happythoughts #pinkelephantsinleotards I do not want to feed that #fattyamigdala

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Fav Fibro Blogs & Dental Pains

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Gotta love soothing acoustic tunes at the moment when I have a killer tooth that needs extracting asap! I'm waiting for my referral for the Dental Hospital. in the city. I hate that place - my last extraction about 20 years ago was awful, I had students pulling my wisdom tooth out. I am so afraid to go back there. I had a filling put in the tooth about 12 months ago at my local Dental Clinic and shortly after it was done it fell out! Of course!! I have been putting up with the tooth pain for the past 12 months and it's finally become unbearable. There's nothing much left of the tooth, which is why I have to go to the Dental Hospital because they have the right tools for the job. I've seen the X-Ray of the tooth and it's going to be a very difficult job.


This is what I am reading at the moment

The worst #Fibro symptoms by The Disabled Diva yes a new fav blog.

  • The best fibro resource online is by Leah Good

    Fibro Blogger Directory 

  • I recommend this Endometriosis Blog:

    Endometriosis Australia

  • AND I just discovered this Fibro blog By Leah Tyler

    Chronicles of Fibro

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Social Media

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I find the social media circus of fibro/endo etc.. a whirlwind of helpful advice, yet everytime I take a break from it then re-join groups and re-activate blogs etc.. I can't cope. My brain goes into overdrive, I know this sounds really weird but it's like my brain can't breathe. 

I long time ago I left all the Endometriosis facebook groups because so many women in there were downright nasty and "know-it-alls". I have since found the joining Chronic Pain groups people are generally a lot more friendly, caring and open to opinions. Just because one method works for you with Endo (for example) it does not mean it will then work for someone else. That's one of the issues with the Endo groups, but it's information overload with the fibro bloggers. I guess I really need to knuckle down and find a happy medium that's going to work for me. 

I am pleased that I have found another Australian who has Endometriosis and Fibromyalgia (among other things) like me. Some of you may already know of her The Disabled Diva .

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

New facebook personal blog

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I have just created a reflection of this blog on the facebook platform as well, for anyone who prefers facebook to here. The link is >

Take care.