Monday, February 1, 2021

Introduction about my life as an artist and in chronic pain

An Introduction:

I created this blog because I needed a place to share about my life....

Primarily, I am a freelance artist - the Bnspyrd name has been around on the internet for many years, providing free resources (like vintage photos, child-stock, textures and background borders) for other artists to use in their artistic endeavours. However although I dearly love creating and sharing these I have been unable to for many years, and this saddens me; for the most part I have little to no motivation to create and have faced many a hurdle. #artistsblock

Yesterday, I celebrated (I don't think I can really call it a celebration) our 6 year Wedding Anniversary, we spent a brief amount of time together sharing our memories of the odd Summer's day that we came together as one; in the garden of our (then) home. Which is just a stone's throw from where we are now - in the seaside suburb of Seaford, South Australia. It does not seem like 6 years have passed - yet we have already been planning for our 10 year Wedding Anniversary, especially ALL the special touches we will include that we missed out on with our rather rushed original Wedding. The wedding had a vintage theme.

Anyhow, I have #Fibromyalgia - I was officially diagnosed in late 2019 via a Rheumatologist and confirmed via a chronic pain clinic/physiotherapist in early 2020. I then went on to do a chronic pain course for 8 weeks (which thankfully was subsidised by a scholarship and covered by Medicare). The course included access to a dietitian/nutritionist, a psychologist, Pilates/physio gym equipment, personal trainers that specialise in chronic pain and injuries. It was a very informative course run by the Marion Physiotherapy team. And yes I would highly recommend the chronic pain course - not for sufferers of Fibromyalgia though.

I also have #Endometriosis officially diagnosed in early 2001 but the pains experienced through out my childhood.

So, combining both Endo and Fibro with the new√≠sh addition to the family - a (then 8 years old) step-son who was forced into our care one weekend and has numerous issues - mostly behavioural; my life is like walking on egg-shells EVERY day! Imagine if you had to be hypervigilient all the time? Well that's what it's like with him in the house, it is so incredibly exhausting. I will write more about him another time.

I have a daughter from a previous domestic violence relationship which lasted 9 years, she was just 3 years old when I managed to leave (also another story for another post). She is currently 14 years old, and a son who is 6 years old from my marriage.

My blog will primarily be about my life surrounding the challenges of living with these chronic illnesses, combined with PTSD and any of the aforementioned. It will also include many positive highlights of my journey through and then out of this mess. It will include my self-discovery through my art which I will likely share on this platform and provide links as to where you can also view it online. I would also very much like to hear from any other bloggers who may face the same or similar life hurdles as I am; please feel free to leave your blog link in the comments section on this post.

To get through the hardest journey you need to take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping. (Chinese Proverbs)


Fibromyalgia  |  Domestic Violence  |  Endometriosis  |  PTSD

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